Tuesday, December 27, 2005


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SHORT REVIEW: Having Mike Myers perform in a kids movie is like having Charles Manson teach a course on anger management.

This film is an abomination but we get what we ask for.

Everyone knows film don’t matter right? We go to the theatre or turn on cable and turn our brains off. We all just want to be entertained. It’s just a movie.

This film is the result of attitudes like I mention above. We have spent our lives ambivalent to what the leftists, perverts and turd merchants have been doing to our culture for the sake of agenda and dollars. We have allowed the lowest forms of our society lower our standards down to their level. We have sat idly by while our entertainment has become a bustling carnival of pornographic idiocy.

We’ve made our bed, but I don’t want to sleep in it.

This film, although a few years old, should be a sound alert to those who still care that a time has come to make a change. This film clearly made for the youngest of audiences and uses the allure of a classic of children’s literature to draw audiences in. The production has the banner of Seuss to give it a façade of legitimacy. It is far from legit. This production has a flagrant disregard for the honorable work it is based on and any audience unfortunate to see it. Where this could have been an enchanting ode to the classic, we have cheap butt humor and swearing.

Mike Myers is not a brilliant comedian. He mugs for the camera and offers the lowest of humor. He peddles in groin jokes and is lauded by society as a master of the form. In The Cat In The Hat we are shown his complete lack of self-control or inventiveness. The character is nothing more than a faded copy of Austin Powers with slightly less rutting.

Parents, do not be fooled by the sign out front. There is nothing but poison for your children in here. This children’s film offers your kids erection jokes, cleavage, swearing (they cut the words off with bleeps or other loud noises) rectal and urination jokes and that’s what I can come up with off the top of my head. The entertainment you allow your children to consume is a critical choice for all parents. It shapes your child’s thinking and value system. Allow you kid to watch filth such as this and you’re pleading for trouble. Have some respect for your kids and demand more from those who wish to spend time with them. Do not allow the turd merchants to debase your kids for the sake of a quick buck. Keep them and yourself away from this movie.

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